Mortality of thoughts

After reading Einstein’s book, I came across how women in USA protested against his entry to the country. They did so because they considered him a capitalist. He responded to the protest in a very demeaning manner.

Naturally I googled, “Einstein sexist?” and got ton of results. Then I realised how I wasn’t really offended. Like I was disgusted at the kind of human he was to say such things. But then I read about his marriages etc and realised that everyone is an individual in the end of the day. And his thoughts reflected the culture and time he was living in.

Yet, to a person of the 21st century this is a horrible thing. Does that mean we discard all of his ideas and discoveries?

I’d say we don’t. Same goes for any individual. Cause in the end of the day, whatever thoughts people have about others (aka opinions) are their own. We absolutely have nothing to do with them. If they create theories and ideas that help us understand the universe then we must differentiate those from the individual they were.

Yes, his thoughts did hurt a whole section of the society. Yet, we’ve come so far in science because of him (and also his first wife apparently).

Maybe that is why mortality exists. So the nature can wipe out old thoughts and old beings like him, Rhodes etc. who had an extremely backward thinking and is absolutely out of context today.

Our current behaviour could also be considered backward in the future. Because as generations pass we progress and mortality keeps a check on the fact that we don’t remain stuck in time*.

*Even though time is an illusion and everything.

P.S. this post is also credited to my friend, Ian, who spoke about all of this to me at this hour on Facebook.


2 thoughts on “Mortality of thoughts

  1. Post reminds me of that logic class we had on fallacies, especially the fallacy of ad hominem! Good job, Venks 🙂

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