Countering empowerment

When I was in school, we had a chapter on women empowerment in one of the grades.

I read how Savitribai Phule was the first woman who began going to school with the help of her husband. It was a struggle and she was a pioneer etc.

For the little me when I read it, with all due respect to the protest, I found it so awful. I thought, “Why would someone do that?! We had such an awesome life of chilling at home and not coming ever to such a horrible institution. Imagine if I did not have to go to school now cause the society didn’t permit. I would stay at home work and chill. No homework and no exams!”

I used to think this out loud to my mother who barely paid attention to it.

Of course now that thought seems silly and I realise the value of education.

Recently Indian women achieved a milestone and gained entry to a temple that had forbidden women from entering. It is wonderful and I was so happy to read it.

The child inside me arose for a moment, who apparently is also an atheist. She looked at the news and wondered, “Why would you want to go to a temple in the first place? Isn’t that one thing we all hope to avoid in family trips?”

I laughed and shushed her down.


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