Temples and movies

South of India has a lot of movies based on gods. How a god or goddess has come to rescue of the protagonist. The protagonist is almost always on the ‘bad side’ and then he redeems himself because of god’s grace. Who magically appears in his form and blesses his devotees and the protagonist especially.

This was the central theme of movies in south before the takeover of CGI and misuse of the same.

This helped religion flourish and temples flooded with ‘devotees’.

Which automatically makes you realise that religion is a bigger game than it looks and it is our own creation. There are movies made to promote on particular god whose ‘name’ is enough to get you ‘liberation’. But they end up promoting the temples to an extent where it floods so much that it probably makes more money than the movie did.

An ancient form of ‘product’ placement. 😛

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