Panama papers

Do you ever wonder how the people who leaked Panama papers actually came up with those names? I mean if you Google it you will get your answer right away as to who they approached or how they investigated. But what if all of that is a lie?

What if all these people just took the names off the Forbes’ ‘rich people’ list and copy pasted it into the papers and mentioned them as tax frauds?

Eventually everyone panicked and coughed up information cause those people have ACTUALLY committed frauds on their way ‘top’.

Funny how they tell us whom to admire and the person turns out to be a complete wreck and they ask us to stop admiring them.

Even the concept of people being on ‘top’, aren’t they the ones who are really on the ‘bottom’? The ones who are perennially digging up earth to devour its resources.

While the poor are just lying about on ground above looking up at skies have no stars. Thanks to pollution, nobody is really looking at the stars. 😛


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