The Nurani roots

We all once in a while need to discover where we come from. It somewhat calms your soul and lowers its need to dwell into existential crisis. You know the every morning/night routine of “Who am I?” And “Why am I?”

It is also therapeutic.

Apparently it takes 24 years to know how you got here.

It is important to know where you come from because it took those twenty to fifty people in all to bring you here apart from your parents. And usually those people belong in your parents and grandparents’ social circle which ultimately points out to their particular ancestral village at some point.

I visited four of my ancestral villages last month. Paternal pairs’ and maternal pairs’. Out of all I realised how less in touch with my paternal grandfather I have been. I barely knew stories about him and everyone just said he lived a quiet life with a lot of hardships. Today I found my closure to discovering his presence somewhere in my existence.

My paternal grandfather arises from Nurani. A village in Palakkad known for its high temperature in summers and higher temper amongst people during the whole year. Currently there are more Nuranis living in the City than there are living in the the village itself. Mumbai could form its own mini Nurani club.

Anyway these are not the reasons why I found the village interesting.  Women as well as men in the village are known for their short tempered-ness. Anger is a part of their life. A very important one.

One of the most interesting story about this characteristic was how women who were from Nurani were always married within the village. Why? Because they would squabble with their husband so often that travelling would be a chore and an expense if they were in another village. If they lived in the same one, the woman would just have to walk back to her own house after a fight.

This made me look at Nurani women to be the most fierce women around at a recent family function. It was filled with the likes of us and definitely had a tinge of feminism somewhere in it. Why feminism?

Notice how the village did not try to suppress a woman’s or a man’s fierceness. It decided to be okay with it and decided to tailor their married life around it.

Also perhaps decided to let the angry behaviour start and end with the village.

All four of my grandparents became an embodiment of universe in some form and disappeared giving me some wisdom somewhere.

I can look up in the sky and feel connected with my roots, the roots that have unified with the vastness of the universe and some day even I would.


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