Internet photos

There are a lot of instagram parents out there who love posting photos of their kids. It is cute when it is about their kid laughing or playing.

But then there are posts like these

P: [takes videos and captions it as]:Oh my God my child is out of control and it  making a mess of the whole house.

Internet comments: It is adorable. Even my kid is running around the house with a knife. We should just let them be. And also keep wasting our time on the internet instead of actually ever doing anything about our kids. Please continue to upload photos while I double-tap them on my way to the emergency room with my child.

P: Oh my God thank you so much. What a relief that I can continue being the social media parent without ever worrying about being available for my kid and just be the paparazzi team of my child.

*Internet parents cheer in unanimity*

The need to put your child’s childhood days on a screen in virtual reality has gotten out of hand.

The child who is crying cause he pooped his pants must wonder, “Why is my Dad/Mom not changing my diapers and instead taking a goddamn video of my misery?”

Not soon enough a child could be on fire and the parent will be on Google – “How to save my burning child.”

Step 1: Take ten deep breaths and throw your stupid phone away.

There’s another set of annoying pictures that have taken over the internet apart from irresponsible parents and their kids.

Couples who have a pre wedding photo shoot, a wedding photoshoot, a post weeding, a pre honeymoon, post honeymoon and soon there will be a pre divorce, post divorce-dating-other-people and repeat the whole circle once more!

In order to get those picture perfect photos they would look lovingly into each other’s eyes and signal the photographer to click when there is enough of posing.

The photographer’s job here is to be absolutely intrusive between your intimate moments.

How about just be with the people around you and leave the cameras and the need for social media approval far away at home?


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