Authority and why?

A thought to welcome June 2016 with.

What a sense of entitlement do authority figures hold!

In a patriarchal setting the father, in a matriarchal the mother. In an office the boss irrespective of the gender.

The authority figures demand to be pleased and demand to be adhered to. Anything that goes against their ideology is termed as irrational behaviour. Their approval or disapproval is suddenly a factor into consideration for other humans in the setting. They are not humans but subordinates.


Why must a human, who already is dealing with the pressure of understanding life on its own, be bothered about the pressure from authority figures?

Why can’t we just merely coexist without wanting others to think like us or be like us?

Life does not work in absolute so we all may be as wrong as one another as we maybe right.

Such disillusionment of authority figures has arose from this article I read today. It is mainly about consumer capitalism. And here’s a quote from it:

The underlying still-point of western society is to keep its citizens fundamentally dissatisfied so they do the work necessary to perpetuate the culture.

In our case Indian society or just society maybe?


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