I found an old newspaper lying in the kitchen with a very annoying article. The headline read as “how to have some ‘me-time'”

The first thought that went through my mind was at what part of the day am I not with myself? We all are always having our respective ‘me-time’. Unless and until you are having out of body experiences or something. You are always and forever with yourself.

The one person you technically can never get rid off from your life is YOU. (Unless you commit suicide or something. I don’t know.)

What this article was trying to emphasise was “How to be alone.”

The word ‘alone’ is replaced by ‘me-time’ to be less scary? Or less real?

We are facing a new form of infantilism. We no longer wish to face how real life can get. We act like delusional babies.

People eating foods that are too mushy and barely require any chewing. We also see adults watching superhero movies and so many of them. Collecting comics like Sheldon is not being an adult. It is probably regressing. Very much. Nothing wrong in it. Just that after some point in your life you need to stop ‘collecting’ comic books and start reading books with no pictures in it?

This above thought is completely credited to Stephen Fry who spoke about infantilism in an interview.

I myself own several superhero t-shirts, and even of cartoons. But when it comes to language I’d like to explain things to myself as an adult. Maybe I regress too in several ways.

On one hand a part of the news is trying to desensitise us as much as possible with images and videos of atrocities. And here we have language, film industry and governments trying to over-sensitise us.

Why is the concept of being alone so scary? It is because you call it ‘me-time’ to sugar coat and spend hours on social media with photos of things you do on your with #MeTime.


This is too much outrage for a random article. But I had to address it otherwise I would have just burst open.


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