Passing thoughts – the design

There is some form of unexplainable happiness in creating something.

I recently decided to create a blouse for my Saree that was completely checkered. I went through the process by picking the blouse piece, buying a gold paisley design to stitch on it and a gold designed ribbon thing. As you can see I’m clearly no expert in this field to know the names. Finally I ended up at my tailor and went through three books of blouse designs to find the right kind (the complete design came from two different books.)

Now I know the whole process is being explained in too much detail. But this is the first time I created something. Well partially as the tailor had to do most of the work.

There is joy in creating ideas, clothes, food, books and so much more that you sort of get addicted to it. A writer can’t wait to write his/her next post, a designer can’t wait to design more things and a chef cant stop cooking. Maybe that is one of the reason why humans are put down here, to create create create.

Too much? Well, here is the designed blouse with my saree 😀


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