Passing thoughts – July 4th

Isn’t American independence like the Mahabharata almost? In bits and parts. 

In Mahabharata cousins fought over land and finally the one who were considered wiser and moral won? 

The British arrived in America, then American British wanted out from their own ‘cousins’.

I know Mahabharata was way more brutal. But the fight was for land between cousins (very very very distant cousins in case of Americans). 

Also in both the stories we do see the indigenous people being brought down (in case of Mahabharata the pre-Mahabharata period had Asuras being brought down by the Devas. We don’t really know if the Asuras were the original inheritors of land. But they were painted so negatively in history, I’d like to believe they weren’t all that bad maybe. As history of course is written by those who won it. And in the case of Murica it is Red Indians, who were considered ‘uncivilised’. )
Anyways, happy July 4th!

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