Phone-less, again!

It is weird how life hands you things in that you did not even ask for. It is almost as if life or universe is the boss of your life.

I recently cracked the internal screen (is that the correct word?) of my smartphone. I did mourn, and I was super irritated. This happened when I was on my way to sign up for a power yoga class and it was not because I dropped it.

Sure, I have dropped it several times in the past at all the railway station platforms, my house, stairs, airports, sometime food and at times under the bed to check for something I dropped under the bed before. And yes I have dropped things ON it. But, the phone cracked on one day I am pretty sure I was careful with it.

So by no fault of my own, I am rendered phone-less. It has only been a week and I am dying to document my experience.

Overall I have had a very productive week at work, I managed to have a Tuesday where I woke up as early as 5:45 get to my class, then back home make breakfast, pack my lunch and leave for work on time. On the train I managed to read few pages of a book, nap and wake up right before my station arrived (thanks to the boring book for all the naps I have been getting). At work I reached on time had a second breakfast I packed and then my lunch and left work just on time to get an empty train. Then ran some errands at the market and got home. Next day was similar except for a few changes here and there. Point is, I don’t care how productive a week I am having. (And who is to say this is because I don’t have a smartphone).

Last night I still missed sitting on my bed and endlessly scrolling through people’s statuses and profile pictures on WhatsApp and then spending at least an hour on Instagram.

Life really seems meaningless when don’t receive a minimum of one meme a day. Instead I am stuck with a phone that is clearly for the elderly. Know how I know it? Amazon reviews for this phone started with, “My mother really liked this phone as she cant really hear properly…”, “It is the perfect phone for my grandfather because of its highly visible numbers on keypad…”

I cannot Instagram my workout session! I mean COME ON. What is the point of even working out now!?

The day isn’t really complete until you see what your friends are eating or Instagram your meal. As for twitter, I have to log on to my PC and type out my thoughts on a physical keyboard. Sure now there are a lesser embarrassing thoughts that I keep putting out there, still it is not right!

And the most important, I have gotten used to feeling anxious about work emails. So not checking them minimum once every half an hour is really AWESOME. Okay, I can’t even be close to sarcastic about it. I almost feel 30% less anxiety about things then I normally would have.

I can’t even continue the sarcastic rant. So I’ll stop.

It is not as bad as you think without a phone. I am not constantly looking at a piece of technology for validation.

One does miss the constant texting of friends and family. You realise the importance of GPS too. And I am not able to Google random thoughts like “Who did Michael Scott in The Office get married to?” or “How many trees are there on the planet right now?” (cause you have been staring at trees instead of a phone.) I do miss listening to music on the go. Also, if there is a major work thing and the email is not notified immediately on my palms, I’ll never know until I log on to my PC. But that situation has such a rare chance of happening it is not even a concern.

People decide to go phone-less by choice, when they have had ‘enough’ of it. I did not know that I had enough, until my phone magically decided to give up. So maybe it is good that life has handed to me this time. I needed to be away from the endless ‘performance’ everyone (including me) stage on social media. And I could do with some improvement of my mental health.

So Thank You Universe! 🙂 And RIP phone, it was a good 2.8 years!


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