The love song

There’s a lot that needs to be written about love. We dont write enough for the fear of being looked upon as vulnerable or emotional. 

I read a quote in a book today that said, “It is the romantics who shape the world, the realists are content to fill their bellies.”

I did not entirely agree with the quote. But it is an interesting outlook.

Every time a peer falls in love and happens to tell me about it I feel as much enthusiasm about the same as much as the next romantic person. It can even be a love story about someone I barely know or a complete stranger.

But soon after these stories many experience some form of despair as the love hasn’t entered their lives yet or again.

Maybe it has and you need an outlook to realise that it has entered in the form of that story you just heard or that incident you just witnessed. You need to sit by the corner and let it take over you.

Not every love story has to be about you and not every single love poem is written for you.

But all the stories and poems act as a reminder to you that love is still alive and kicking,

It is dancing wherever the wind is blowing.

Close your eyes and let the poems and stories fill you with love, not hope just love.

Not hope for a story for you, but love for love.

Cause love seeks not to encourage hope, it seeks to bring in strength and optimism. 

Respect it by not yearning for it, but by simply loving it back.

Kiss that blue bird that sang you the stories of your peers and wrote to you the poems of lovers, lovers whom you not know 

Tell the bird to spread the love and thank it for filling your soul with strength,

Ask it to bring more stories and poems of love, for it is what will bring us solace in the end.


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