Useless anxiety

Most people these days suffer from anxiety. It is ridiculous how much of our time is spent first panicking and then calming ourselves.

In the past though, this wasn’t as common. And I would like to blame technology that has followed industrial revolution for it. The same technology that is helping me write this out half an hour before midnight instead of falling asleep.

Technology paved way to two of the most anxiety inducing tools a) social media b) meaningless jobs

Social media increases anxiety because most of us live in the shades (filters). We are always putting up a charade on social media and anxiety here stems from the fact that how long can we hold on to something so virtual? It is never ever going to come to close to real ‘social’ factor of our life. So get over it. 
Meaningless jobs have stemmed from the fact that most of us are replaced by AI. All we have to do in our jobs is work with an AI. It is fun to believe that it is an important job and that the world may stop functioning if you don’t post that listicle. Or forget these social media, click bait article writing jobs.  These people are aware of how unnecessary their job is (or I hope they are aware).

Any job that does not deal with ‘people’ and by people I don’t mean clients or readers. By people jobs I mean doctors, teachers, professors, researchers, lawyers or even if it means dealing with other living organisms (vets, conservanists) are the kind of job that are indispensable.
Granted not all of them pay well.  And also most of those people may suffer from anxiety. But it is better to suffer from anxiety with a job that mounts to some form of difference than a job that ends no substantial yield in the from of ‘change’. 

Unfortunately most people these days choose ‘unconventional’ jobs and so have I (wasn’t exactly a choice as much as helplessness or stalling future). But I guess as humans we shouldn’t have to settle for jobs that does not deal with another living being directly. I’ll get there and I sure hope you do too! Or if you already have then good for you! 🙂


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