Decluttering and Disconnecting

Tomorrow I plan to declutter my wardrobe and start KondoMari my life! 

It maybe cause I’ve been home for a whole month, only stepping out of the house once a week for doctor’s appointment, I realised we as a family own a lot of unnecessary crap. And my wardrobe is filled with nonsensical stuff. So time to get rid of all that.

I am really excited about decluttering stuff out of my life.

What I am really good at is decluttering people out of my life. It is a bad word to use for people as it seems disrespectful, so let’s say disconnecting?

 I did it intentionally but never thought through it. It was very impulsive. I have disconnected with several people from my life which includes not being aware of their social media activities (yes, if you stalk it counts as being connected in a very voyeuristic manner.) 

It is not all that easy to do so, but I have gradually come to a realisation that I need to be with people who bring me joy and appreciate my existence (not codependently). I have people in my life who have also fought with me or been critical of me. But that is all somewhere rooted in a different form of love and that is all I need. 

So I ask myself if person abc is seen somewhere today and I am to die tomorrow, do I approach that person? If the answer is no I immediately understand that somewhere I haven’t enjoyed my life around person abc and I disconnect.

This obviously does not apply to the new people I meet, it rather makes space for new and lovely people. 🙂 

So Marie Kondo may have taught me about decluttering but I have taught myself about necessary-disconnecting. 🙂 

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