Unsure of the prize

I just realised this – the prize of an ‘act/task completed’ lies in the wrong place.

I read this sexist article on “how to talk to women with headphones”. As I scrolled mindlessly through this viral article from earlier this week, I wondered would it matter to this guy that people outraged against him?  The Guardian or other publications came up with retorts, would it in any way affect him?

No. In fact he won. Cause he got the excessive ‘traffic’ needed on his blog AND he is even more famous now. People who barely knew of him will visit his website more now – not just because they are sexist, some feminists will too. It has given him an exposure and he, inspite of his silly article, has won. 

In fact those against him who wrote articles in retort actually did it to get a piece of his fame (read: traffic). So someone writes about something that is trending only cause – “I’ll write it too so people read MY opinion about HIS opinion.” The op-ed game by journalists is worth throwing up on. But that is for another time *controls nausea*.

So the person who instead of being told that he came across as sexist was rewarded by traffic and this sort of opened up how rewards work incorrectly in a capitalist system (or whatever system the internet has as it is mainly run by Facebook and Google).

This means traffic is not a merit of how well any website is doing and should be removed as one of the characteristics for a website to be doing well. “More people come to your website, you must be doing something right. Here take my money and advertise the shit out of my product.”

(I am sure advertisers go through content before letting anyone market their product. But if I say that then the joke won’t be funny. It still isn’t funny even right now. :P)

Even cash. I believe most of us (or rather I hope?) have stopped using money as a unit to measure success. Most people I know are of similar school of thought. Neither does property, luxurious items etc are in any form a measure of success. 

Financial security is very important for survival, gives us a peace of mind and a lot of freedom to choose any activity etc. But, money does not equal success – no matter what those silly Forbes lists tell you. “Richest men”, “richest women”, “richest dogs and cats” and so on.

Sooner or later some of those in the list come under scrutiny for tax fraud and everything blows over. 

So the prize/reward set by the system is set in the wrong place. It is actually not at all doing what it is supposed to do – encourage work that brings about well-being of self and others. I dont know what the reward should do actually. Maybe the reward system shouldn’t exist? I am clueless at this point in my post as to whether this is even an issue to be bothered about. 

But I know in this world of internet we have been looking at the wrong places to define success. 

You can remove the words ‘of internet’ above and the sentence will still make sense.

The whole idea of success itself is limiting. I wish to be happy and grateful in this life more than I wish to be successful. 

Humans were not put down here to be stuck in a box of definitions and had to cross every check box on a list of pre requisites.
I am not sure why we are here but I am pretty sure about the above statement. Our life is not so petty to be simply measured by terms set by others. At the same time it isn’t about some immensely huge and amazing plan – it is about being mindful and happy until the soul sets you free. Or something close to that. 


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