Invalidate the system

Human beings are mostly treated as sheep in the existing system.

A herd that is constantly tested as to what it likes and is fed more of it. At times it is fed more of a particular product because the end result benefits the system. 

Did I write at times? I mean always!

As I read The Cave by Jose Saramago and see how the potter in the book goes obsolete because the ‘Centre’, which is Saramago’s word for an urbanised area, has rejected his products. Centre is like our current market where things can become a trend or become obsolete overnight. This will happen without any concern for the producer of those things. Manufacturers are asked to get with the changing times instead of being stuck.

I should take the Centre’s side maybe on this, but I absolutely think it is unfair. If in a system a human’s existence (a human’s existence is defined with his/her capabilities and whatever he/she has to offer to the world) can simply go obsolete just because their ‘products’ no longer make profit then it is a very horrifying system.

Funny thing is the potter in the book is very much aware of how in the future people will dig up his unsold wares and would pay hefty price just to own an ‘antique’.

Sadly the system (Centre) is not exclusive to this behavior.

A growing number of people have become apathetic towards politics and after a very strange and corrupt elections coming up in USA one of world’s ‘greatest’ democracy, the number is only going to rise.

I just hope that I live to see a day where the courts pass a law stating how we need all the people to vote for an election to be considered legitimate. 

If a constituency does not deliver that then that constituency needs to be entirely excluded from the system. We should have to accept that representative democracy no longer works over there and find a more progressive and authentic system for that constituency/country.

This system would be a step forward from representative democracy. 

A system that regularly invalidates your existence gets invalidated itself (such as the current one). This will end up destroying the power grip of those on top and the shackles holding back those on bottom. Also ending the frustrations of those in the middle. 

Now isn’t that a nice fantasy to fall asleep to? I feel it is. Take that system!!!!
Okay, night.


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