Ideas approved

You cannot ever reject another person’s existence. We live in a world where (thanks to filter bubble and such things alike) we are heavily divided in opinion.

While rejecting someone’s thoughts we must realise that we cannot reject their existence. You can’t simply say person A is horrifying simply because of an idea or a belief they hold closely. A human being is a collection of ideas and thoughts and all of that is constantly evolving and developing. 

So the ideas sort of exist separately than his/her material being. They are although a product of it and vice versa. Hence, “I think therefore I am”. 

Also you can only ever disagree with someone’s ideas and thoughts but never ever dismiss it as untrue cause nothing is absolutely true.

It is said that you must not seek approval from others. But to make that work we must first approve the idea that we don’t need approval. Tough isn’t it? Something that claims we should not seek approval itself needs approval first.

But it is true. Humans don’t need your approval to exist. They exist because mainly that they possess a capacity to think. Their thinking does not require approval as well. Collective societal norms and rules require approval though and not personal thought. This is why Hillary Clinton is right a politician does hold two opinions public and private. One that does not seek approval and therefore is a personal journey and other that requires approval and hopefully is for the greater good.

Nevertheless personal thought/consciousness lives freely beyond the confinement of the material world and no matter what changes occur in it. 
P.S. The above is just me blogging nonsense at a time where I should be deeply asleep. My one eye has already shut close. Dont mind the nonsense typing. I just required to empty my mind and rid thoughts that keep encircling like hawks eating up my productivity. 


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