India’s Trump problem

A friend of mine wrote in an essay, ‘Indians don’t take responsibilty for *anything*’. Guess who else does not take responsibility? Trump. I’ll tell you the connection after explaining how I got to the conclusion. (A good way to get you to read? Or maybe you can just scroll down and get to the end?)

It was for the first time I noticed this annoying trait of ours. As I am going through the CBSE NET exam booklet it is funny how all of it is so true. The exam is supposed to be for those who wish to teach in Indian universities as Assistant professors and also for those who wish to apply for Junior Research Fellowships. This form has distanced itself so far away from responsibility of anything! This exam basically helps shape the education system of our country. And here we are wondering why it is the way it is.

I will show you some pointers from the form itself. I have spent good amount of my morning with this form’s booklet.

So the first three sections are important instructions, junior research fellowships and conditions of eligibility. That is alright — nothing to see there except for the fact that the categories of people appearing for the exam are — General, Other Backward Classes(OBC), and “non-creamy layer” Scheduled caste/scheduled tribes, persons with disability.

Non-creamy layer?! I mean what does that even mean?! Firstly it is an insult to those who are not General or OBC, the institution just blatantly described them as ‘non-creamy layer’ of our country. Secondly, you are not baking a cake. It is not to be sugar coated (no pun intended) so heavily. Call it like it is, “the people against whom we have discriminated so heavily for ages that they are now underprivileged because of those above who wish to classify themselves as ‘creamy layer’ of our country while basically they are all just completely unethical pricks living under the unethical-privileges gained by their ancestors!” I mean I am sure the ‘creamy category’ has some hardships, but an institution trying to recruit professors for our country is not doing justice when it comes to language.

sugar-coating is strong with this one

But the point is about responsibility and not language. I should not divert from there, so let’s move on.

Let’s go way below to section 12-General Instructions.

This really did tick me off because how can you just flip the city the exam will take place and not state any reason for it? And how must the applicants comply with such uncertainty?

Not all of those who are taking the exam are made of money-so people must be booking their tickets way before the exam. Also, they are probably employed elsewhere and must need to have applied for leave. There have been many many people who have complied with uncertain norms set by the institution. A classic ‘beggars can’t be choosers’ case. Many take pride in coming first in the exam and they sure as hell should. If you followed these rules and took the time and energy to invest in it anyway and came first then you deserve another award on side-highest tolerance award. This can be given to those people who followed our government’s procedures and came out of it meritoriously.

And this well, ‘our word is final’ and all you can do in order to get them to hear you is basically take them to court. And they do know nobody has the time/money for that. It is all fine though. As an Indian we have go through most of this in any government office. So we do have a tolerance for all of the above. Our rage will be subsided immediately because there is no other alternative. So as I finished reading the rules I was still accepting of all of them-after all what choice do I have? Like many of those complying with our government’s circulars I, too, will give in to all in order to gain very little (Yes, our university pays very little and sometimes not at all to the professors. Why do you think your prof went on strike so often?) But I decided to go ahead with it anyway and then I read this:

OF COURSE NOT. They sent out the notification but will not be credible even towards something they themselves wrote! You think Donald Trump is bad? Most of our institutions/organisations like above run on his ideals! They refuse to be accounted for when it comes to anything-even their own word. So don’t smirk at America when they have a Trump-problem in their election. In our country we have institutionalised this very problem so deeply that we have stopped noticing!

Indians need to step up and start taking responsibility for their word and actions. CBSE is just a tiny example of a bigger system that is so inherently reluctant to take any responsibility even when it comes to errors!

And Trump needs to step up and start writing such disclaimers, “It is a verbal error and I take no responsibility for it.” Learn from us, bro (sarcasm has made an appearance here please note).

P.S. The words — institution and responsibility is used too many times and I apologise if that hurt your eye.


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