Passing thoughts – Ultimate retirement plan

My life’s ultimate retirement plan would be where I finally get to living in a place on my own. I live a life of solitude where I recuperate from all the drama and other bs I’ve faced which were thrown by the human society collectively and unintentionally to me. 

I read books, live in a comfortable house and do my regular chores. I keep healthy and go out for long walks. Maybe there is a dog with me. I also travel once a year. Have human contact but not excessively. Cause that could be the time where I find the financial  independence to study sciences more deeply and understand more and more about this universe. Probably join a senior citizen science club (on start one) instead of some religious nonsense.

I’ll come back home after a long day lie down and prepare myself for the one thing that has been consistent in all our lives. Death. The ultimate peaceful restitution from life. 🙂


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