Passing thoughts – Certified

I come from a generation which started the birth certificate. A government appreciating our birth and wanting to keep it for our records. Before that it wasn’t a thing. When you were born, you were just born. You became an additional beneficiary (burden) on the ration card. That is all. But my generation was appreciated cause we came into existence.

My parents come from a generation that started with  the marriage certificate. Before that you just got married, dowry and done. You got appreciated for nothing. My grandparents never got a certificate for any life achievements. And my great grandparents were just lucky they were alive. They had to always walk miles for places. My great grandfather walked from Burma to West Bengal. Another one walked over 14kms to work as a priest in a temple. 
They never got appreciated and never even expected it. So their priorities was existence. My grandparents’ priority was food maybe cause ration card must have become a thing then. My parents’ priority was marriage, cause government gave you a certificate (which means appreciated) for marriage. 

And my generation demands appreciation for just existing because of our birth certificates. We ultimately think our existence itself is so wonderful that we ought to be more appreciated for it.

I cannot even imagine what my great grandparents must think about the complaints we make. “This train is killing me.” “I absolutely hate walking in these shoes.” “I detest the fact that nobody said a word about how I came and how I looked.” 

We use social media to get appreciation for our existence and therefore we become our own hindrance when it comes to achieving great things.

Maybe the government certificates do not intentionally have an impact on our attitude towards life, but they do somewhere play a role. 


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