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Whenever I got out of a tube station in London, I would spot a newspaper shop/stand that would have a board on it that read, “Don’t ask us for directions.” It was a bit rude for a country known to be polite. I mean this was a country that was also known for voyagers who travelled across oceans to spot a country or a spice rack and they’re unwilling to tell us the location of a coffee shop. Odd, isn’t it? But, you know what I think they’re embarrassed. After the whole India/America mishap by Columbus their confidence level to navigate must have blown over. Not immediately but overtime it kept coming back to them. Especially by their neighbours with those funny accents, “Hey England, remember that time you thought USA was India? That was hilarious wasn’t it? *Laughs* Oh by the way can you tell me which way to Tesco?” *English guy puts the don’t ask for directions sign*

A lot of Indians take pride in the fact that Columbus was looking for India. Like validation from the White Man ‘searching for us’ was wonderful. They also defend the british rule, don’t they? “They gave us railways, some old buildings… And well the English language.” 

Why do we always commend the British on giving us the English language? Were we falling short of languages in this country? We have made so many languages up that after a few kilometers out of your hometown you definitely need a translator in order to avoid getting swindled. I’m sure we could have made up English if we had the time and the British hadn’t got to us.

And what is so great about Columbus searching for India? Do we really not know what he and his people eventuality did with the ‘Indians’ they found? We should thank our stars that they did not find our ancestors otherwise those white folks would be celebrating Thanksgivings day with biryani and without us. 


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