Mind matters – Passing thoughts

There’s a lot that has been happening in life – reading wise. It is not a new years resolution like every other person though. I’m officially out of bookmarks. I had two and I’m reading three books simultaneously. So one book does not get a bookmark it gets a place in my short term memory.

Well, now that regular banter is out of the way. I recently discovered Stephen Hawking’s show called the Grand Design. I have only watched one episode so far and there were two things that captured my attention completely.

One of them was when he said, “Although I cannot move and I have to speak through my computer, in my mind I am free.” This is my new defense mechanism. This will be helpful in extremely crowded trains, “Although my physical self is totally cramped up here, in my mind I am free.” 

Even when I sense physical pain, I can use the above. It is especially useful during emotional pain.-  “Although this situation is perceived by me as daunting or terrifying, in my mind I am free as the Voyagers exiting the solar system.”

Second bit that I found extremely fun was when he spoke about natural laws and man made laws, with the example of tennis. This means that only natural laws are constant everything else is changeable and will change. Laws of nature on the other hand cannot be changed, but only understood by us if we put our minds to it. 

One more thing about Laws of Nature is that humans fall upon it only when it is convenient and it does give them a great deal of certainity. For example, when Barack Obama said, “The sun will rise again (or was it tomorrow?)” after Clinton lost the election – he basically wanted to rely on some form of certainity so he could take in the uncertain results that had just arrived
This reasserts a few of my beliefs (win win!). You mustn’t seek for external approval cause it is futile. External approval is changeable. What is disapproved by society today maybe approved tomorrow. Laws of nature don’t care much about criticism and argument. They just are, so must we. So indeed Shakespeare perhaps was right, ‘to be or not to be’.

In the universe the sum of everything is zero. Matter and anti-matter. Space and Energy. So this is why every action has an equal and opposite reaction – in order to reach the ultimate point of  shunya – nothing ness. 

But karma is not that. It is not Newton’s third law. In karma it is said that all your good actions will give rise to good reactions and not the opposite. 

Karma may make more sense if it is not looked as a form of ‘natural or God’s way of dispensing justice.’ but, simply as passing off energy. We are all made of matter and all of matter is just Energy. So whenever we create positive energy in this world it is bound to create ripples and therefore have an effect upon us when it returns. Same with negative etc. But what is positive and what is negative is essentially subjective. Because a negative action may have occurred in order to bring shunya-ness to a positive energy ripple and in order to bring us all back into nothingness and becoming just one with universe. 

Maybe I’m super wrong about all of it. But, my soul yearns to speculate, because in my mind I am free to explore the thoughts that may take me closer to the secrets of the Universe!


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