This past week has been a week full of realisations and breakthroughs. So I am going to bombard my blog with them as time passes by. But for today just the following.

A lot of times philosophy (not of any specific branch but the very idea of thinking on life) is dismissed as waste of time.

What is fascinating is that humans, then, still continue to call themselves as the most intelligent beings on this planet. Well, I have my doubts about that for a lot of reasons! But mainly this one. Animals, birds and other living beings like us consume, mate, multiply, sleep, and do all the basic activities. Then there should genuinely not be any form of commendability towards someone in case they find a way to consume more (by having more access to the means). 

Sustenance is basic need, beyond that is contemplation – to wonder and to want to understand. Other living beings do not have the capacity to do that, so they stick with the only thing they know. Survival. 

We can do that, yet we choose not to. This makes us a being that has a lower strata than an animal. 

It is like an Eagle knows it can fly but chooses to walk.


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