To get good clothes in Bombay and expect them not to tear or have something happen to it is too much to ask for. Especially if you travel by a local train. 

I had gotten a comfy formal black pant and it tore the very next day because of some nail sticking out of a rickshaw. It was sad as the tear was too small. Today I finally took a piece of black cloth and sewed it under the tear. 

The thread I used was white though as I did not have any black ones at home. In fact not even any other colour. Just white. This was because we do not have a sewing kit at home and the tiny one I bought many months ago for 20 rupees only had white thread in it. I had gotten it to sew a button on another top. This is my first patch work and it is probably shoddy work. But it is a reminder for myself and for others maybe that everything is repairable if we put our mind to it. And the place that is repaired sort of becomes more attractive than the rest. Just like how imperfection is beautiful.
Or maybe just maybe this patchwork (and this blogpost about it) is living proof of how much free time I have. Either way, it is fun! 
Here’s an image of the work


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