Comfortable old age

I have watched enough old people, or older people to realise that life is better when there’s a calm routine and when it is closer to death.

Trust me it is. I should probably give more context.

I was over stressing about what my life goal should be all this while and I have finally found it. My life’s goal is to have a comfortable old age, post retirement life. A life where I live in a nice white-walled, colourful furniture, bedroom with a balcony. A balcony laden with plants of most kinds and some easy chairs and a table. The room covered with a lot of useful furniture only. Books and a yoga mat or so (if I can still sit down). And probably a single bed if I am to ‘die alone’. I don’t know how rest of the house looks, but I’d reckon it looks wonderful.

My old age routine should be:

Waking up at 5am in the morning and some yoga. Having some coffee green tea whatever warm beverage I fancy at that time. Getting breakfast and walking down to the nearest groceries or wherever for time pass. (I don’t know maybe it is grocery day. I’m old it doesn’t matter.)

Probably meeting a bookclub once a week for lunch. And then usually through lunch and dinner spending my time reading and reading. Of course meeting friends and family whenever and wherever. But mainly enjoying a life of calm. No news matter much, so avoiding it or minimising its consumption. Internet can honestly go to hell by then. Especially the social media part.

A lot of people want to travel when they’re old. I doubt I’d like that. I’m a creature of habit, and travelling at that age would just mean not being able to water my plants on time or catching up on some show I’m watching. I’d travel, but just enough to let myself enjoy outside world.

I am still young and of course I want to participate in the world. Be an active member in making things happen. But, I honestly only want to participate as much as it is needed for me to finally recluse myself out of this world at the right age and just return to my sanctuary and do whatever I want to do, without being called passive or anything else.

That is my goal. To make life awesome for the old-me happy. As she will be facing death, and I hope she faces it with a contented smile, so if there’s a rebirth then death must not send her back. Why? Because it should know that she has basically found a way to be happy in this ever consuming, constantly wanting, always hunting world. And that in itself is an argument enough to not send me back.

Or just plainly to have lesser worries in my old age. Something like that.







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