A walk of wonderment

As I continued my evening walk, I wondered how aware are the trees, animals and microogranisms around me. I wonder whether they know something that we don’t. As we probably do know something that they don’t. 

Even though we are all filled by the same entity/energy/stuff i.e. life! I wondered if the tree is aware of my existence as I am aware of its existence. Whether it knows how I and others around it look like, as we do know how it looks like. Awareness of each other must be equal? 

An animal on the other hand is quite aware of us. But do they notice or understand this world that humans continue to create/destroy to suit their needs. 

I looked at a big giant tree and wondered how aware is it about the place it is at right now. Does it know that it is standing in IC colony Borivali? Does it know that it probably has several cousins in Dadar? Does it even know this place is named Borivali by us humans?

Then I realised these are all simply ideas. Borivali, Dadar, Santacruz etc. Switch their names and it makes absolutely no difference! (Except for post offices and your online orders will go haywire. So it is not a good idea practically.) 

But overall what difference does it make to the actual product that is this city? We simply fill it with structures that are an extension of nothing but ideas. And to get deeper I realised I myself am nothing but an idea that exists at the mercy of space-time. An Indian by birth, female, tamilian, mumbaikar. But all of these are nothing but ideas. It is basically life looking through these ideas to understand a different perspective of life. 

That is the only difference between the stray dog, tree and me. We are all life looking at the world of ideas through our own lens of ideas. Idea-ception, if I may. I rather mustn’t. But, I just did. 

These ideas separate us and unite us. But the concept/soul/life beneath all these ideas is truly what is ‘us’: you, me and everything else.

This helped me shatter my ego, and expanded my life goal searching from something that is not narrow, and is not just there as a goal to feed the ego. Cause ego is also just an idea/lens/barrier by which we observe the world.

Obviously at some point I had to make way home. So the thought ride ended. But I swear it was wonderful while it lasted.

Have a wonderful night/day, lovelies!



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