Free will, yay or nay?

I took my usual long walk today. A required workout according to my physiotherapist for my recovery. It is clearly helping recover a lot more than just my gait. 

As I took my walk I wondered, why do planets, stars and other cosmic stuff not have stress like us humans? Aren’t we also made of the same components (but in different proportions) as they are? So why must our life be any different from theirs? 

A star shines its way through its life before it bursts into a supernova. It does what it is supposed to do naturally, and is clearly doing it without any complaints. Why can’t I have the same thing? Do what I’m supposed to do naturally without any complaints and then enter death like it is just another natural chapter of my life. Why must I not have a well-defined path like that? 

Well, this is side note for the reader’s interest and the future me’s interest if she ever comes across this again. Einstein did believe in determinism. He believed that none of us have free will. The following are roughly written quotes of his idea on free will.

If a moon is given the same consciousness as man, it will believe that it revolves around the earth on its own free will. But as we know that is not the case. It does so because it bound by earth due to gravity. So the idea that the moon would even think like that is laughable.

Similarly, if an intelligent being were to look down upon us it would laugh at our idea or notion of free will. (Addition: The intelligent being would want to tell us that we are bound by the actions we take as they are a consequence of an action taken in the past.)

Overall, I am not sure I really understand what he meant. I looked up Arthur Schopenhauer, the philosopher from whom Einstein borrows this idea, and his essays on this. Arthur took me to Vedas. And I come from the land of Vedas so I should have known better than that. Should know to look for answers within my own country.

But, I must say I quite enjoyed the ride. 


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