I went to visit one of my aunts and was bored within ten minutes in her house. This was mainly because I forgot to carry the most essential thing when you go for a sleepover – a book. 

I borrowed a book called “Wandering in the Himalayas” by Tapovan Prasad. He was one of the Hindu saints of the past. 

There are many highlights of this book and many many complex parts which I did not understand.

My puny little consumer-oriented mind could not appreciate or comprehend some aspects of the book.

As opposed to the current widespread Hindu fanaticism, this book is very straightforward and admits that even philosophies have their imperfections. 

The part on Attachment got a lot of my attention. Anything we grow attached to, has the capacity to define our moods and also the way we live. Attachment towards any object/people/idea makes those object/people/idea rule over us. We become slaves to our phones, people and ideologies.

In this world, where we are constantly trying to ‘define’ ourselves, we need to realise that the definition ultimately becomes a prison that we voluntarily put ourselves in. 

This prison ultimately eats us up. We cannot live up to the definition that we try to squeeze ourselves in. Is it not enough that the world tries to attach definitions to you, that you yourself feel the need to do it?

Attachment breeds fear. To leave this attachment cycle will be a task. I wish not to preach this to anyone. I am absolutely unqualified. This is only for myself to follow. To realise the flaws of attachment to rewards and actions. To grow more self less.

Peace out!


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