Passing thoughts – Photons


Also hunger wakes me up.

I have been watching (and dozing off) to this Neil DeGrasse Tyson series called Inexplicable Universe. 

He said how photons don’t change according to time. They rather capture the images and bring it to us with light. So the image of the stars we see at night is basically multiple photons coming towards us to show what they look like and when you look inside the telescope at Proxima B (my favourite planet after Earth) the photons are 4 light years old and new ones are on its way. (Maybe I’ve got this all wrong.)

Even the sun or the moon we see are a few seconds behind. And whatever we see in light on earth is a few micro milliseconds seconds behind. It is the photons that are taking imagery and sending it to our eyes and then our brain registers as ‘yes, this is a tea cup’.

This means a couple of things:

1. Everything is Maya (or illusion)?. The world we live in is legit a series of images that pass by our eyes. ‘Is this a movie’ people often ask and it very well could be. 

2. The actions we do or way we live is also captured in photons. 

I wonder where are these photons going or how do they get destroyed. They must have a lifespan. The images I see in real life like – someone’s birthday party and store the images from photons (or are the photons themselves in my head?) will be attempted to transfer to someone else’s head who was not present at the party. This would be similar to sending photos on an email. 

I apologize for the lack of scientific jargon in the language. And also lack of complete scientific knowledge. I hope to learn something fascinating everyday. Do correct me if I’ve got this all wrong.


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